“Carly is professional, knowledgeable and totally dedicated to her clients’ goals.  I would highly recommend her.” MS, Godalming

“Carly was so fantastic at helping me get back into exercise after the birth of my second baby.  She’s so supportive, knowledgeable and inspirational and she’s instilled in me a love of training that I’ve never had before.” BH, Guildford

“My 1 on 1 PT sessions with Carly were second to none. Having crazy working hours and a fast paced job, I had taken to snacking and bad eating habits to get me through my days. As a previously healthy and happy individual, my 8 month job left me feeling absolutely rubbish. Cue Carly…she bounded into my life as the energetic, enthusiast that she is and taught me not only how to nourish my body with food again, but got me absolutely loving exercise. Within the first 4 weeks I was visibly stronger and fitter! Having also gained some health issues, she was not just an intellectual set of ears for me to talk through my health, but she was able to tailor-make my programme to help me recover. She completely understood what it was that I needed to regain my optimum health and did it with all the fun in the world. She is the nicest person out there, you won’t just get a PT but a friend! I could not recommend her enough….everyone needs a Carly in their life!!” IS, Godalming

“As someone who had fallen into bad habits whilst dealing with lack of sleep and low energy after having my two children, my weekly small group training with Carly has helped me regain a better balance and make time for myself again.  Her sessions are structured but different each time and although she is very kind she also manages to be quite firm at the same time which is very good for me as I can all too easily slack off a little!  It is reassuring that as a mum herself, she understands some of the challenges that come with strengthening a post-natal body.  In the three months I have been training with her I have become stronger, fitter and brighter in outlook than I have been for a long time.” JH, Guildford

“Carly makes exercising fun!” DR, Guildford

“Carly’s pre & post-natal advice and training plan was absolutely fantastic and it was exactly what I needed and wanted and I’m so grateful to her for helping me get my body back after baby number 2. She even advised me on what exercises I could keep doing whilst pregnant, but always reminded me to “listen to my body” and helped me to think about nourishing my body during and after pregnancy, whilst also being realistic about food choices and reminding me to enjoy myself too. Then post-baby, she almost counselled me on when and how to get back into exercising even before the time that I was allowed to start, so that when I could begin, I was already ‘ahead of the game’ as to what exercise / training plan I would be doing so that I could really look forward to starting and have the opportunity to work out when to fit exercise into my very busy days, which involved getting a 3 year old to and from pre-school, walking the dog twice a day and breastfeeding a rather demanding baby who hardly slept! With Carly’s advice and training plan, which got me slowly back into running, to building up to running non-stop for 30 minutes (which was my goal) within 6 weeks of starting exercise again, and when coupled with her resistance training plan, and whilst not forgetting the all-important pelvic floor exercises; I regained my pre-baby body and within 6 months, I actually became fitter, leaner and stronger than ever before. Thank you Carly, I couldn’t have done it without you.” EH, Bramley

“As a busy working mum of two, who had let looking after herself drop off the radar, I started training with Carly in the hope it would kickstart me to a healthier lifestyle. Within just a few weeks, the effects could be seen both in body shape as well as stamina. The sessions are tough but enjoyable and are tailored to my needs each week. Carly is very encouraging and motivating and is clearly passionate about what she does which has really helped me in trying to achieve my goal. Carly also advises on other ways to exercise and tone as well as helping me to improve my diet and be healthier. Happy to recommend Carly to anyone!” SK, Guildford

“Having recently had my third child I was keen to get back into shape but was really struggling to find the time or energy to motivate myself. Carly was recommended to me by a friend and after 8 sessions Carly has helped me in a number of ways.

I had lots if areas I wanted to tackle, weight, posture, fitness and so Carly put a plan together for me. We discussed diet at the beginning and with a few tweaks and the introduction of some healthy snacks (you must try power balls, yum!) I am happy that in the most, my eating has improved.

We have one session a week and are working on strengthening the weaker areas in my body, I have noticed a huge difference in my body shape and the measurements prove it!!!

Since I started these sessions I have lost over half a stone and importantly for me I have lost 9 cms (3.5 inches) around my waist and the same around my thighs. We are now working towards introducing additional exercise throughout the week and I feel so much better for it.

I have found setting goals with Carly at the beginning gave me a clear direction and taking measurements periodically has confirmed to me that the hard work is definitely worth it!

The great thing about having a personal trainer is that everything is uniquely tailored to you so you get the most from every session, I would certainly recommend!” EJ, Guildford